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Woven Rectangular Laundry Basket

Classic Style, Quality Craftsmanship

The Hamilton Housewares Hand Woven Laundry Basket is an attractive, practical storage option for your home. The rectangular shape holds folded laundry neatly with no wasted space, and the leather handles make it easy to carry. Not just for laundry, this basket has countless uses. You can store toys, firewood, books, magazines, groceries, and much more. It also makes a great travel companion.

With a woven ash wood body, leather handles, and brass-coated hardware, this basket is built to last. Ash wood resists moisture and discoloration, and the brass hardware prevents rust.

Handmade in USA with 100 percent US materials.

Model NumberItemPrice
RCTLNDRY-HWoven Laundry Basket $89.96

Ash Wood22" x 13" x 10"

Two-Pie Basket with Lid and Tray

Perfect for the Picnic

Move your baked goods in style with the Hamilton Housewares Two-Pie Basket. With the included removable tray, you can take two pies at once. Put one pie on the tray and another on the bottom of the basket. You can also take one pie with utensils and dishes on the bottom. Either way, your pie-carrying needs are covered.

This versatile basket can do more than carry your pies. You can take it to a potluck with a main dish and a side dish stowed. Bring an entree and a dessert to a picnic. Turn it into a bike basket by sliding it over the handlebars.

Made with a woven ash wood body, a solid birch lid, and smooth swing handles, this basket will survive many a picnic.

Handmade in USA with 100 percent US materials.

Model NumberItemPrice
TWOPIE-HTwo Pie Basket$89.96

Ash Wood13.5" x 13.5" x 8"

Half Bushel Basket

Give Your Bounty Some Beauty

Gather all your garden goodies in one sturdy basket. The Hamilton Housewares Half Bushel Basket has plenty of room for all your tomatoes, apples, peaches, strawberries, and more.

But it’s not just for the garden. It’s great for the home too. Store wood by the fireplace, snacks in the pantry, or magazines in the living room. It’s also attractive enough for Autumn decorating or a wedding’s popcorn bar.

Each basket is handcrafted in America with 100 percent US materials. It features an ash wood body, genuine leather handles, and solid nailed rims. You’ll use it season after season.

Model NumberItemPrice
BUSHEL-HHalf Bushel Basket$69.96

Ash WoodDiameter: 14" Height: 10"

Bedside Storage Basket

Declutter In Style

Add a decorative and functional touch to your bedroom with the Hamilton Housewares Bedside Storage Basket. This compact but surprisingly capacious basket is a great compliment to your nightstand, end table, or shelf. You can also slide it under your bed for discrete storage.

Not just for the bedroom, this little basket is perfect anywhere in your home. The storage uses are endless. Put your TV remote in it so you don't lose it. Use it in the kitchen for snacks. Collect all the bottles and cans on your bathroom countertop. You'll get plenty of use out of it wherever you put it.

Like our other baskets, the Beside Storage Basket is made of durable woven ash wood.

Handmade in USA with 100 percent US materials.

Model NumberItemPrice
BEDSIDE-HBedside Storage Basket$39.96

Ash Wood13.5" x 11.5" x 6.5"