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12″ x 17″ Stainless Steel Cooling Rack

Amazing! I used to work in professional kitchens so …

Amazing! I used to work in professional kitchens so I wanted to find a rack that clearly could take the heat and scrubbing like I was used to. I had concerns over the many cheap aluminum offerings on Amazon, as well as many of the reviews that spoke of warping or the support braces coming free. I’ve used my stainless steel racks for baking and cooling and so far they’ve performed flawlessly. You can soak and scrub them vigorously using steel ribbon scouring pads and they come out unharmed. Highly recommended, and very much worth the 20$ or so premium over the cheap aluminum versions. If you want to put your cooling rack in the oven – this is the one to get. I can also confirm that it fits perfectly in a standard half size sheet pan. – EE

Great rack, many uses and high quality

Seems like such a basic product, so what’s to review? Well, the construction is definitely very nice. Solid stainless means no worries on rust. It is a very nice size for a diverse number of uses.

I certainly bought this to cool baked goods, but I also had meat in mind. I haven’t tried this rack for it yet, but one of the reasons I bought it was to “bake” a thin disk of Italian sausage for use as a topping on a “Lou Malnati’s” style deep dish (Chicago) pizza. Based on prior experience with lesser racks I am certain this will get the result I want.

What else?

Well, my first use was also for meat. I am currently (4/16) using it to dry age a beef strip loin in a spare refrigerator. It is holding up nicely to a 12.5lb (and shrinking) “primal cut”. The rack provides ample air flow through the grid and the stainless surface is antimicrobial. Didn’t have this in mind as a potential use when I first bought it, but it is working great.

The rack seems sort of pricey for what it is – until you realize it will last a long, long time and be useful for a variety of things. I see a second one of these in my not too distant future. – 4MyMoney

Great Cooling Rack!

I chose this cooling rack over the others because it is stainless steel, will not rust, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. It’s worth the price not to have to worry about damaging this cooling rack whether you’re using it to cool baked goods, like cookies or cooking up bacon in the oven for a larger group of people. – Hannah (ALAG)

Great Accessory for Anova Precision Oven

Slides perfectly into the slots of the oven and doesn’t need an additional cooking rack
Line the pan provided by Anova with aluminum foil and place it below the cooling rack in order to catch any drips
Acts as a substitute for Anova recipes that require a perforated pan

10″ x 15″ Stainless Steel Cooling Rack

Exactly what I’ve been searching for

This particular cooling rack is exactly what I’ve been searching for; just the right size and weight for me. This rack is durable and versatile in that it is perfect for cooling baked goodies; OR using it for a cooking rack, say for chicken wings, fish, roasting vegetables. This is a well made product. – Carlyn K.

Great rack

I picked this cooling rack because of its size, the apparent quality, and the fact that it can be used not only for cooling cookies, but….more importantly for us….it can be used in the oven. Some of the others warn against such use. It seems to be extremely well made. Others might be cheaper, but “you get what you pay for”. I’m glad we bought it. – Don B.

It was also very easy to clean

This is a heavy duty rack. I truly expect it to last forever.I used this rack today to make bacon in the oven. I baked the bacon at 375 for 35-40 minutes, The bacon cooked perfectly on this rack. It fits the Nordic Ware natural aluminum baker’s half sheet.I keep the bacon fat for cooking and this worked perfectly for that purpose. It was also very easy to clean. I will be purchasing another stainless steel cooling rack. I highly recommend this product. – Shadowchaser

8.5″ x 12″ Stainless Steel Cooling Rack


“LOVE LOVE LOVE!! It fits my Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Quarter Sheet- perfectly. I even broil on it and it cleans up like a dream!! (Since it is Stainless Steel I use oven cleaner on it if I really get stuff burnt on!!) I only wish I could find an affordable Stainless Steel pan that is as nice as this rack!!! – fluffygal

only cooling rack worth purchasing

purchased this type cooling rack many years ago at sur la table and regretted not buying more at that time. have purchased others hoping to find the smaller grids and sturdiness with no luck. finally, they appear on amazon and i bought three. they are good for using inside a quarter sheet pan, but they are also great to use as cooling racks. the grids are small enough that nothing falls through and the baked goods hold their shape which is so important. no one wants to spend alot of time preparing and baking cookies and/or biscuits to have them dip/break/etc. when placed on the cooling rack. it is sturdy enough to hold a freshly baked pie, bread, pizza, roasting pan and more. will be looking to add the half sheet cooling rack. – w109

and the quality is excellent!

This was the only stainless rack I could find that actually fit a quarter sheet pan, and it fit perfectly, and the quality is excellent! – Mary Kline

14″ x 20″ Stainless Steel Cooling Rack

Heavy duty

I used these cooking racks to cook my two 20lb turkeys (I had my butcher cut out the back bone & cut them in half along the breast bone so they laid flat) for thanksgiving. They’re heavier than any rack I’ve ever had. Quality products and I’m so glad I bought them! – JP Favilla

It’s huge!

This thing has the heft necessary to qualify as a personal defense weapon. It is massive, and heavy. What is perhaps most appealing is that it fits the interior dimensions of the Nordic Ware full sheet pan. It is perfect for oven-smoking some ribs, or cooling the number of chocolate chip cookies we all desire to eat, every night. Highly recommended. – M. Bosch

This is a really substantial baking rack!

This is a burly rack. Really well made. I ordered it because it was the only one that was recommended for oven use. The comparison to other racks sold me as well. I used it to roast a butterflied turkey. It worked well, supporting the weight easily. I will definitely look their way when I need additional baking things. – LMC